Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pondering a New Kind of Netlabel

Lately, I have become interested in the concept of the netlabel. I have downloaded music from various netlabels of different genres. For those unfamiliar with netlabels, a netlabel is basically a record label, except it releases its music mainly, if not exclusively online- free for digital download (often under the Creative Commons license). You can find a listing of different netlabels at One of the most interesting (note that interesting does not mean good) netlabels I have come across is the dramacore netlabel. This netlabel releases "dramacore music" a self-defined genre. The sound is a mixture of noise, industrial, chiptune, and hardcore. The only artist that I actually like from the site is ehafh, who uses some interesting sampling techniques in his works. Though I cannot claim to be a giant fan of the music, I love the concept- that one can create a new genre and release new, interesting works.

My question is why the concept of netlabels hasn't crossed over to publishing. I wonder why there are no "netpublishers" that publish free books/stories online. Why are there not new, experimental, genre-pushing publishers? Setting up a netpublisher would not require any effort, nothing more than a blog and an account. I would love to see the creative works that would come out of such an effort.


P.S. More reviews coming soon.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Darker The Sky Is...

Jonay is a rapper straight out of Sweden, and very proud of this fact. His album The Darker The Sky Is The Brighter The Stars Shine, is a great mix of hip-hop, R&B, and genuine heart. He raps about life, love, and Sweden. The beats have an ethnic/exotic flavor that blends beautifully with Jonay's mellow voice. Swedish Ladies is a fun track about the women of Sweden (they sound lovely), and is probably my favorite song on the album. Even if you are not a fan of hip-hop, I recommend this album for its original lyrics, catchy rhymes, and killer beats. Enjoy.